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Keno Games Online

Powerball Keno Instant Play   Captain Keno Instant Play   Super Keno Instant Play
Play Powerball Keno! Hit the powerball and get 4X your winnings!   Choose up to 10 of the 80 numbers in this exciting online game and win with Captain Keno.   In Super Keno you have the chance to multiply your winnings by X4! Play this exciting twist of an ancient casino game... Keno!
  • Win up to 10 000 coins
  • 20 balls are drawn from 80
  • Captain chooses 3
  • Hit the Captain’s numbers and get multipliers of X1, X3 or X9
  • 20 Ball sare drawn from the 80
  • You could win up to 18 000 coins
  • Win up to 8 000 coins
  • 20 Balls are drawn from 80
Keno Instant Play        
This classic online Keno game is very similar to Bingo and gives you the chance to win with a pick of up to 15 lucky numbers!        
  • Win up to 20 000 coins
  • 20 Balls are drawn from 80